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Your relationship with yourself

Many women are asking themselves:

-How can I feel fulfilled without a partner? this idea seems to scare them. We need to we recognize our fears and transcend.

For this purpose, make a list of all your fears (titled why I’m afraid) read it carefully, then start dissolving these grounds. You do not have to fight them, because that is how you will only transfer them your strength.

Take a viewing meditation and effectively dissolve each fear in part in a flow of flowing water, letting water take it to the valley. then transforms that fear into a positive statement.

Example: – “I’m afraid no one will ever love me” can turn into “I’m an important person, and I love myself deeply and honestly.” If we are not able to give ourselves the love we deserve, no one else will really love us.

Do not waste your time looking for something that is not present in your life. It begins by being full of affection and tender to yourself.In my opinion, all women, including those in a relationship, have to ask the question: “I feel ready to live alone?” When you depend entirely on someone else who cares for you, you are not in contact with your inner resources.Even if you are in a couple relationship, you need times of loneliness to discover who you are and to think about your goals.Times when we are alone can be just as satisfying as those we spend in the company of other people, especially if we make our thoughts, our friends!

In the course of history women have not made the necessary positive changes in their consciousness plan to regain their personal power, and at the present time life gives them a helping hand.

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