Rainy mornings

This rainy morning, I drink my cup of cinnamon-flavored milk and analyze how much the outside weather, mood, influences. If one day I woke up full of energy admiring the sun, today the energy is missing me completely and the rain awakens me a nostalgia … is it due to the fact that a few years ago in a morning as equally rainy I that my mother has diabetes?

Yes .. we people are anchored in the past, we relive emotions when things from outside create us the same frame as if we should play the same movie.

-I will not! And you know why? Because I am grateful for everything I have even on this rainy day! I am pleased that all of my loved ones are alive and that we are free to change the movie on a rainy day!

I smile, because on the same rainy day I ran into the movie of my love life.

-It started to rain, let’s run!

I ran by holding our hand through the rain, but we did not run away from the love that united us.

Well, do you notice that weather can not influence our condition as long as we do not contribute to it?

So I gave two examples where I could anchor, initially one that was full of negative emotions that caused me pain and the second one in which the rain was all I needed for a perfect frame with two lovers. Analyzing these things, I chose to smile and thank nature, this morning gave me the chance once again to dance for joy in the rain and to express my love!

Change the perspective where you look at things so you can create your own magic movie anytime in your life!

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