Evening Thoughts Part 9

Outside I’m raining .. while I enjoy the evening tea I look at my window and I see how the flower that I thought was dry and that it would not flourish, it bloomed more beautiful than ever.

For several months I did not stop wetting her and take care of her, and even one day I wanted to throw it away thinking that she would not bloom.
Taste a little bit of lemon tea, a little warm and continue to write ..

In my opinion the same thing happens to the people around us, if you give enough time and help the person next to you evolve, you will flourish when you do not expect it.

This association of people and flowers that I chose to do is due to the fact that too many people suffer and are dumped without giving them the chance to bloom. Just like a flower, a person to bring out the best of it is essential to contribute good talk, love and any kind of contribution you can bring.
I consider nature to be the greatest teacher, she can teach us what the silence of a storm, the presence of the rainbow in a gloomy weather, the warmth of the sun that does not forget to emerge ..
I did this association tonight, because in just a few hours, spring makes her presence felt.

So, I wish you a wonderful and thriving spring!

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