Blackberries: Benefits for Health and Nutritional Values

In the hot summer days, among the fruit that makes furry, there are also the blackberries that fortunately we meet in trade even during the cold season. Following the consumption of blackberries, your body will thank you, and that’s because of the impressive benefits and nutritional value these delicious fruits contain. Here are some reasons to convince you to eat berries, whether you choose fresh or frozen foods and how you change your diet.

Blackberries: benefits for health

They are rich in fiber. 340 g of blackberries have 60 calories, along with 8 grams of fiber, which means one-third of the amount of fiber that we have to consume in a day. All this causes satiety, supports weight loss, balances cholesterol and regulates blood sugar and insulin levels. Also, blackberries come packed with benefits for the health of the digestive system, being probiotics. That is, they feed the friendly bacteria, which are closely related to immunity, mood and anti-inflammatory effects.

They are rich in Vitamin C. As a result of the consumption of blackberries it assimilates half of the daily recommendation of vitamin C, from just 340 grams of fresh berries. Moreover, it helps immunity and skin health, being an antioxidant potential needed to regenerate DNA and collagen and serotonin production.

Supports bone health. 340g of fresh berries contain one-third of the daily vitamin K needs, which helps blood clotting and is required for bone health. Vitamin K helps form bones and studies have shown that vitamin K deficiency increases the risk of fractures and osteoporosis. Manganese found in blackberries helps bone health, but also collagen production, ideal for skin and joints.

Controls your blood sugar. The glycemic index of blackberries is 25. The blackberries are among the few fruits that contain the smallest amount of sugar. Specifically, 340g of blackberries contain 7g of sugar compared to 16g of fresh pineapple in the same amount.

Protects your brain. It has been found that antioxidants found in blackberries reduce inflammation in the brain and change the way of communication among neurons. Thus, loss of memory is prevented and motor coordination and cognitive decline are protected.

How to put the blackberries in the diet

The berries are versatile and can be a great choice for breakfast. You can opt for a fresh berry or for yogurt with oats and blackberries. They can also be used as a topping for a delicious dessert like chocolate pudding or avocado. Or, why not, you can add them to the water for a special taste or you can make a delicious mashed with fresh ginger and honey. Do not keep frozen berries. In turn, they can be eaten in smoothie and other delicious recipes.

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