We must take care of our heart!

While the percentage of women who get breast cancer is only 4%, the percentage of those who get sick of the heart is 36%. We hear all the time about the danger of breast cancer, but very few things about the risk of heart disease, although these are the main cause of female mortality.

Fortunately, we can do something about this. although we say: heart attack, it is not the heart that attacks us, but we are the ones who attack it.At the emotional level, the heart and blood that it pumps, it represents love, joy, and ties with family life in the early years of life.

Women with heart problems usually have unresolved family problems, for which they do not know love and joy.Many times, they do not know these feelings because they are afraid to open up in front of them. Closing the heart in front of love perfectly symbolizes closing the tap of the energy of life flowing to our heart.

The emotional cause of many diseases is the inability to forgive. The spiritual lesson of forgiveness is hard to learn for some people, but no one can cure without learning this lesson.

There is no man who does not know the betrayal, the loss or the abuse in this life.The forgiveness of experience and those involved in it is essential for spiritual maturity. The experience has ended and can no longer be changed.We can not be happy, healthy, prosperous and free as long as we continue to remain stuck in the past and are unable to forgive.

Once a day, place yourself in a quiet place and place your hands on the heart.give her love to her and perceive her love for you.Your heart beat for you since you were born and until now, and will continue to beat until your last day on this earth. Look in your heart and notice any trace of bitterness and any resentment.

Gently wash your heart in the water of forgiveness and understanding. If you could see the whole picture, you would understand the lessons you had to pass.

Send them love to all your family members and forgive them. perceive the relaxation of your heart and feel embarrassed. Your heart is love, and the blood of your vessels is joy.

Now, your heart pumps with love this joy into your body.

All is well! You are safe!

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