Thought is a pure energy that never dies

Any creation is made with the subtle material of thought.

When you hit it, it hurts more than if you are hit by your hand or foot

Speech creates conditions for misfortunes to occur.

A word is a rocket that goes through space and that in its passage triggers forces, agitates entities and causes irreparable effects. That’s why it was said: Before the sun sets, reconcile with your brother.

Where the attention goes, the energy goes.

You never make claims to anyone and nothing, do no reproach to anyone.

Thousands of people unconsciously self-destruct because they constantly feed on the rotten fruits of negative thinking.

Fear, doubt, any negative thought is harmful, toxic and self-destructive.

Everything he thinks happens to man. If she accepts mentally and mentally illness and old age, she will have much faster than it would be.

The seed of all your deeds is in your thoughts and words.

All physical diseases are the expression of erroneous thoughts

The most dangerous are the evil words to the parents, relatives, the evil of the close people.

Evil brought to another by thought, word, or deed makes us wicked and we become fed up.

With force of thought man can create healthy cells in the body or destroy the affected ones. Thought is the one that draws evil or good into our existence. We can conclude that thought (word) is the one who created and created matter.

The word is the power we have to express and communicate, to think and to create events in our lives.

The word is the most powerful tool that man has.

The word is the manifestation of our spiritual being, the divine spark inside us. Our word can create the most beautiful dream and reality, but it can also destroy everything that exists around us. Therefore, the misuse of the word creates hell on earth. Any creative power used evil, inappropriate, can become destructive power. Our word is pure magic, and its misuse can become black magic. The word spoken or written is so powerful that a simple word can change a life or destroy the lives of millions of people.

A negative word can be a curse, and often people use the word just like the magicians, cursing unconsciously one another.

Of all the weapons of destruction man has invented, the most terrible and powerful is the inappropriate word that can destroy without leaving traces. We constantly attack by words and kill each other systematically, often without realizing this. This practice has become the worst of all forms of magic and has been called gossip. Gossip, though it seems so harmless, alters and shortens our lives, destroys us physically and spiritually, because it constantly destroys our soul and body.

Most of the time we create an emotional poison by using words like: I’m fat, aging, my hair is falling, I’m stupid, I will never be perfect, I will not succeed

Thus, we materialize these words in our reality or rather against us. Therefore, it is important to understand what the word is and what power it has.

The whole world can gossip about us, but if we do not put ourselves in the heart, we do not believe, we will become immune to gossip. If someone deliberately sends us a poisonous emotion, but we do not take it personally, it will not affect us.

When man does not accept the poisoned emotion, it returns to the one who sent it and affects it directly. Thought and word move the vibrations that spread in larger checks, until they embrace the entire universe, after they return to us as surely as when we have them.

If in one place two people are gathering who conceive their thinking on one idea, the influence they exert will be four times higher than in a single person.

At such meetings the degree of influence increases with the square of the number of people pursuing the same ideal. When a large number of people focus on the same purpose, such as a football match, Christmas celebration, or other similar elements as a whole, a force similar to laser light is created in the entire environment, the manifestation in the same phase.

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