Evening Thoughts Part 8

While I drink a lemon tea, I remember memories from my childhood. I was a shy child, different I can say. I helped my mom when he needed help, and when we had a chocolate we do not eat it all until we make sure I share it with my brother.

In today’s day while we are waiting for the post office, I see a small child walking on the floor without the parents talking. I mentioned that it was very cold inside the office and on the floor was the very cold floor.

At some point he begins to cry because his parents were too busy to give him a minimum of attention. what do you think I did? I looked insistently and smiled, the baby stopped crying and turned my smile back.

-What’s wrong with this child? With what he is to blame for having his hands frozen but nobody is warming him up, a smile was enough to feel the affection he misses.

I left that place with tears in the eye because that child will grow up and think he does not deserve the love of others. He will not know the affection and will treat the people around him as coldly as if he does not discover the root of this fact about childhood.

A hole will have to be filled because nothing goes without leaving traces.

I finished drinking tea… The silence of the night tells me that it is the rest time.

I’m going to rest, hoping that every little child falls asleep with a story told in the evening and embracing a mother. Only in this way will the future be changed and the generation will be successful!

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