Love sincerely!

In our society there are relationships in which everything seems beautiful and wonderful. We see young people holding the hand and passionately kissing. Young people who smile and embrace.

But, is there love among them, is that sincere feeling that helps to keep the couple? How many of those who say they love, are they sincere?

There are many couples where reciprocity is missing, where only one truly loves and is ready for anything for the sake of the man next door. And the other simply thinks he or she feels something, plays a role, or has reasons to stay.

Let’s face it, there are few relationships that start with a mutual love lived as intense as both. Then it is better to be in the arms of the one who loves you than at the feet of the one you love.

You are more likely to fall in love with the man who would do everything for you, appreciate your gestures and honest words, rather than convincing an indifferent man to love you. Better to be happy than to mimic it, is not it? Better to build than to force yourself.

Better get close to a man whose thoughts he brings to you, than to want to approach a cold soul. It’s useless and painful.

When you love a man who can not share the same feelings, let him leave. Do not hate it, do not want evil, and do not ask for it, do not make him feel guilty for not loving you.

And if you are the man who does not love, go. Do not give hope to a crazy man of you, do not cause him suffering. You will be the happiest man from the moment when your relationship will be everything, honest.

Being in the arms of the one you love and loving you just as deeply is the most beautiful emotion, the most wonderful experience.

Live your life by loving and holding the hand of the one who can really love you, and you in turn can give the same emotion.

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