Evening Thoughts Part 7

I run quickly to the window to see what’s going on. At first I did not see anything, but then I heard the alarm from the police cars at our window.

Looking closer on the window, I noticed that just two cars were very busy at the intersection in front of the block. We hope there is nothing serious but suddenly I hear the sound of the salvation and then that of the firefighters. I realized it was a very serious road accident.

Of course my inner condition has been affected because I am a very empathic person. When something serious happens around me, I think that whenever I could be myself or someone who loves me in that situation, or simply my empathy makes it felt even for an unknown person.

We hurry .. we hurry in traffic, we hurry in relationships, we hurry in everything .. I wonder why the one from the wheel of the car since it caused such a serious accident. He rushed and unfortunately did not reach the proposed destination .. He stopped on the road and probably stopped even the less hurried on their way, having the bad luck to be at that moment on the same street.

-Who’s announcing their family? I think we all know how unpleasant it is that a phone call gives us bad news. I do not know those people involved in this accident but I caution you to take care! Do not rush, better to reach the proposed destination later, than never to reach.

Take care of yourself and of your lives!

In traffic you are vigilant and if you do not cherish your own life, do not take the right to life!

Evening a quiet evening, though this evening is not about positive words from stories, it is because the reality  anytime we can change the direction we make.

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