Evening Thoughts Part 6

It’s the evening, I’m going to the joyful house because I managed to make the day the beautiful little nephew which has two years.

I feel like floating, it’s an indescribable happiness!

I want to share this joy with you and to send you out of my positive energy.

It is incredible how a child simply smiles and expects to return her smile, makes you even more beautiful.

I miss my cheek at how much I laughed during this day and he fell asleep happily with his favorite bunny in his arms.

Happiness is everywhere, it depends only on the perspective where you look at things simple!

I still smile, like I hear it calling me “hand,” can not pronounce “aunt” yet.

When you want to disconnect yourself from anything negative, spend time with your children, they do not know the negative things yet and I guarantee that you will smile every minute.

For me the fact that I gave joy to a baby, that I gave him reasons to smile … You do not want to know how!

From going through the house with 3D glasses and by walking on a mini bike for 2 years. I let you imagine this hypostasis!


I finish those words with the smile on my lips and I wish you a great evening like you!

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