Evening Thoughts Part 5

It’s evening, outside is cold, but the warmth of the house and the smell of the vanilla candle make me grateful to exist. I want to share with you my paperwork for writing. Since I was a child, I composed poetry, I read and wrote stories that were exposed to my place of honor within the school.

Is amazing, but I want to say that I still remember the first written poet although I only had a few years. When I grew up, I did not stop doing this, and in my spare time I was going to my grandmother in the evening and I read it she often said:

You have a wonderful voice and the way you read is unique!

My first poem written by me was titled: “mother”.

I was the kind of child who did not go buy a toy, buy books.I seem to hear my grandmother’s voice:

-Watch who came to me, beautiful grandmother’s daughter!

I came to read you, but do not fall asleep! The grandmother smiles, puts her gentle face on her bed … my grandmother falls asleep … I am giggling and sneaking outside, easy, so I do not wake her up. I say that my grandmother now has alzheimer but I often repeat that I visit her and read stories because she does not see it anymore..

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Thank you!!!

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