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Oral Health: 8 foods we need to eat

We have often heard that for the health of teeth, we must have proper oral hygiene, but let us not forget that the foods we eat have an important role in keeping it healthy. We know that coffee affects our teeth, tobacco and sweets also fall into this category of innocent lusts that turn into enemies of oral health, but in order for the teeth to be protected and to prevent the health problems of teeth and gums, dentist Adrian Mina enumerates 8 beneficial foods for both adults and children.

“The education of young people starts at an early age and it is advisable to teach them not only how to properly wash their teeth, but also what foods to eat to have healthy teeth. And, as far as possible, keep them away from the harmful, but as tempting as sweets, “says the specialist.

Cheese. Cheese helps increase the pH inside the mouth and reduce the risk of tooth decay. This miracle food contains cocaine and protein, nutrients that strengthen the tooth enamel.

Yogurt. Just like cheese, yogurt is an ideal source of calcium and protein. In addition, we can talk about probiotics that are found in yogurt and which are beneficial for gums, good bacteria helping to eliminate bacteria that cause caries. Very important, however, is to choose the simple yoghurt variant without added sugar.

Spinach and cabbage. The following on the list, proposed by dentist Adrian Mina, are spinach and cabbage, just a few of the ideal foods for a balanced diet. They help maintain oral health, and this is due to the presence of calcium, which strengthens the tooth enamel. Green leaves can be eaten in salads or smoothies.

The apples. Apples are fruits rich in fiber and water, and their consumption helps saliva secretion by rising bacteria and food debris from the oral cavity.

Carrot. From the specialist list, carrots are not missing, and like apples, they are cranberries and rich in fiber. Carrot consumption at the end of a meal stimulates saliva secretion, reducing the risk of caries.

Celery. Celery is also a wonderful food that acts as a “natural toothbrush”, removing bacteria and food debris. In addition, it is an ideal source of vitamin A and vitamin C, antioxidants that help in gingival health.

Almonds. Many were told of almonds and, of course, just fine. These are beneficial to teeth, and this is because they are rich in calcium and protein and have a low sugar intake. They can be added to salads or other recipes, and the specialist recommends eating a quarter cup of almond after lunch.

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