Cosmetic surgery should be practiced only when you really need!

Cosmetic surgery is in itself a bad thing, as long as the reasons why it is practiced are correct.

I want to say that cosmetic surgery does not cure emotional scars, does not dissolve self-hatred and can not save a marriage.Women often turn to cosmetic surgery because they do not feel good enough.

They do not feel better after surgery!

Beliefs can not be cured by surgery.In my opinion, cosmetic surgery advertisements only fuel the lack of self-esteem of women.
I know women who hate themselves and who turn to cosmetic surgery in the hope that they will look better.
Because of the negative resonance they have attracted, have appealed to incompetent doctors, so at the moment they look worse than before.

I remember a very sweet girl who did not know her self-love and who was convinced that if her nose looked different, everything would be fine.She insisted on making a nose modification operation, but her reasons were not correct, so her nose now looks like a pig nose.

Cosmetic surgery does not improve self-esteem than most temporarily.

Soon the feeling of inadequacy will come back, and you will begin to think:

-Hmm, maybe if I get rid of this riddle…and so the process never ends.Someone told me last days that newer elbow surgeries do not hang when you get old.I thought then to myself:

God, where will it be? Would not it be easier to wear some longer sleeves? Unfortunately we are being manipulated by the media.If we were to take commercial advertisements, we should look like anorexic teenage girls without wrinkles and no meat on the bones.I believe that when women develop their self-esteem and self-respect to a greater extent, they will no longer care about what magazines say and the commercials will change.
Do not let doctors do experiments with your body. Be happy as you are! above all, do not change your body shape just to please a man. If he does not love you the way you are, he will not love you any more if you sacrifice the body’s naturalness for his sake.

In short, if you decide to make a small cosmetic surgery, think well about your reasons. Keep your love on your body, before, during and after surgery!

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12 thoughts on “Cosmetic surgery should be practiced only when you really need!

  1. Great post!

    Remember travelling through Venezuela back in 2008 and staying with the lady who’s brother was a plastic surgeon.

    One day, an America couple (in their ’70s) came to the house and we sat in the kitchen whilst the surgeon removed their facelift/neck/stomach/etc., stitches. He was saying back then that Americans went to Venezuela as the surgeons were great and it was a 5th of the cost of plastic surgery the States. Desperate?

    Many thanks for stopping by my Travel and Photography blog.

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