10 Reasons to travel

Photography is made by me !

See trips, but find the reasons for not doing this? Something remembers you, you’re afraid of something. We suggest you give up all the doubts, read 10 reasons to start a journey and realize your dream.

10 Reasons to travel !

1. New Ideas. Do you want to change your life and do not know where to start? Do not arrange your work or personal life, you do not know what you want, then start on a journey. Active rest will clear your consciousness. During your journey, you can understand what you want to do in life, find ideas for business, for a new book, and in general, understand what you want in life.

2. Money. Where to get money to travel? In fact, trips are not as expensive as you think. There is no need to buy an expensive holiday package. For independent trips to Thailand or Goa, a 1-2 month salary is enough.

3. Impressions. Travel offers a feeling that you are living a full life. You will start enjoying life. Many people spend money on large TVs, iPhone and new computers. Although, to live a brilliant life, you only need to stop buying things and spend money on impressions. The joy that comes with the purchase of a new thing lasts only a few days, and the emotions that have gone on a journey are enough for a whole year.

4. Problems. Another reason to travel is the problems. If you think everything has fallen on you, then the best solution is to let them solve for a while. You may have been fired, argued with relatives, or someone broke your heart. Across borders, you will gain new experiences and become acquainted with new people, your horizons will expand over a certain time, all problems will seem small and insignificant.

5. You should just travel to see the world. Often we do not appreciate what we have. You will see rich and poor countries, states with a rich culture and history. Perhaps you will understand that we are not as bad as we are, we always think that somewhere is better. You will see that each country has pros and cons.

6. New knowledge. During your journey, you can learn something new. This can be a foreign language, reading books in original, studying traditions and culture, preparing different dishes from other peoples’ cuisine, local dance lessons.

7. Baggage. You do not need a lot of luggage to travel. You do not need tanning creams, bags or new clothes. Only in Soviet times tourists took with them iron, kettle, towels and bed linen. Now it’s easier and cheaper to buy everything on the spot or pay for cleaning. The fewer things you take with you, the more you can bring from the trip.

8. Security. Many do not want to travel for security reasons. It all depends on your passion for adventures. If you want to travel in comfort and safety then go to Europe. If you want a more extreme recreation, – in Southeast Asia or Latin America.

9. Adventures. No excursion takes place without an adventure. We all, standing in front of TVs, computers, dream of adventures. But they can only be found in real life. For some, the adventure is a visit to a new restaurant or a museum trip. For others – a kayak trip, a night out on the street in an unknown country or a hitchhiking trip.

10. Travel will expand the world’s vision, answer many questions, make you more tolerant and wiser, raise many questions about the meaning of life, and place your priorities right in your life.

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