Evening Thoughts Part 4

While the evening is as deep as possible, I sit by the window while I savor a grape in a bowl. I walk out the window and see the rain.
Is it also going to happen to you where you are going to be in 10 years and how your life will look like?

Sometimes I laugh and tell myself:

It’s still eternity until it’s ten years!

But at the same time if I look back, I do not realize when I got here, now and no matter how fast the time passed .
So come back and tell me: The same will pass the next 10 years, without realizing, and I say honestly that’s what scares me a little .My parents are asking me were the same? They have lost the notion of time from the moment we, children, have appeared in their lives.

Looking at them I could say that we will be immortal because they actually live their lives. Make sacrifices for children, they make everything forgetting that they are mortal and that time passes.

I do not know where I’m going to find myself in 10 years but one thing is certain: For all of this life we ​​need time to get our time in the end.

Do not let the hourglass leak to your detriment!

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