A late morning

A new day awaits us all, a new day full of challenges, but immersed in the unique smell of cinnamon ever since waking from bed.

I take my lap-top and start to open again in front of you with my experiences. Our bedroom is full of pictures so every morning I focus on each of them. This time I focused my eyes on a photograph taken during the holiday season:
-Are you ready ?
-Yes, are we going to look at the stars on the pontoon?
I hear no answer, I only hear the noise of the tripod that we take with us.

It’s evening, music is heard everywhere, we keep on going as we lose ourselves in the crowd of people hanging on a bench, watching the sea waves.
What scary I find water during the night, I add.
– Really! Answer me!
– That’s what I’m looking for
Perfect for photos, while we are looking for a corner to pose, a lady passes by leaving us a compliment “you are beautiful”, I thanked, she smiled and went on.

A strong breeze waved my hair and the atmosphere was very romantic.

Brrr, what a cold!
But his arms were warming all night.
I smile and suddenly hear a voice that translates to the reality of today:
-Hey, what time is it?
-11:22 am
-I’ll sleep a little longer

Late this morning, I wish all of you a wonderful day and thank you for being here and reading my daily experiences!

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