This is the reason why MALE lose their beloved women.

We are accustomed to hearing that it is the woman who keeps the fire in the familiar home. This is what is accepted in our society. It seems that the happiness of the family depends only on how well the woman manages with her responsibilities as a wife.

Men want to see in their wife a good housewife, a careful mother, a mistress s * xy and a devoted friend. But what are they willing to offer in return?

Often, men think their role is just to secure their financial family. And very often, those who earn well, hold high positions or have their own business, have a home, an expensive car, fully support their wife and children, consider their social function as spouses is 100% fulfilled. They can already afford not to report on their personal expenses, meeting with friends, and even disappear for a few days, motivating that they have fulfilled their duties, that they have the right to relax.

And what’s left to the woman? Of course, at first she will be upset, and as a sign of reconciliation will receive gifts. But, over time, constant upheaval will grow in something more. Maybe in antipathy or even hate.

And if she was a loyal friend who was helping her husband with advice and support, she was the one she went through with difficult times, discussing many important issues and making important decisions together, now they do not even find common topics for discussion. They begin to sleep separately, invoking various reasons, gradually departing from each other and becoming strangers.

The truth is that the man ceases to observe the inner world, the experiences and interests of his wife. If she lived with his life and problems, he never penetrated such a zeal in her life and problems.

Even if the man observes and appreciates household comfort and order, the woman needs a little more. Yes, he hears it, but he does not hear it, he does not look at her, but through her.

When a woman loses the hope that her husband will be close again she leaves. And the man is puzzled – “Why did he leave? I just give her everything she wants, she does not need anything, I’ve given it all.

It was not until he left, that he understood how expensive it was and that, in fact, it was the meaning of his life. But she left and is unlikely to return, because the man has emptied his feelings and destroyed his love with his indifference and indifference.

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