The man of today

When society understands why a guy with a fortune of nearly half a billion dollars goes by subway and says the below, then he will have a chance to be more than the horrible disease that destroys and kills everything he has more beautiful this planet.

“I can not be part of a world where men dress up their wives in prostitutes, uncovering everything to be cherished. Where there is no concept of honor and dignity. Where women do not have children, and men do not want a family. Where sucks are considered successful people at the wheel of the father’s car, and where a father with a drop of power is trying to prove that you are nobody. Where people say falsely that they have faith in God without any knowledge or understanding of their own religion.

Where the concept of jealousy is considered a shame and modesty a disadvantage. Where people have forgotten about love and are simply looking for a partner. Where people fix each corner of the car but they look so miserable that just an expensive car can hide it. Where boys scatter parents’ money in clubs, monkeying primitive sounds, and women fall in love with them. ”

Whoever has the mind to understand has a small chance to apply. Who is not, not to dislike, there are so many who live the nothing that it will not even be noticed!
It is NOT in vain to say: BE SOVIRE TO BE MADE WORST!

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