In a relationship with a married man you will always be an option and never a priority.

A married man does not want to change his wife on another relationship. He can swear to love you, promise you happiness, and write your most passionate messages. But all he needs from you is physical intimacy.

If you’re a married man’s mistress, be sure you’re the “other” woman. You’re not the only one in his life, and he’s perfectly fine.

1. He likes that you come and then you go

He has no commitment to you. You’re the right choice for a fun evening.

2. He likes to receive everything he wants from you

In other words, he simply uses your naivety. It provides desired physical sensations and ego that feed them.

3. He likes he always has an excuse for you

If a man really loves you, he will do his best to stay with you. But he chooses to return to his wife every time.

4. He does everything for himself

He does everything for his own pleasure. He does not care about your feelings, nor that of your wife.

5. Your relationship is full of pain

It is not affected. But you have a lot of pain and tears.

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