I woke up in the morning and …

A coffee, a window, me and you .. It’s nice to wake up and be soothed by the sun’s rays since you open your eyes. I want to write while my papules enjoy the fine taste of the coffee and the emitted flavor the cinnamon I enjoy the smell. I choose a corner on the edge of my window where I can view the pictures exposed in the room in recent years ..

It’s enough to focus on one of the exposed pictures to transpose me there … I feel the leaves as I fall underneath , the carpet underneath us supports us to express our love, my brother laughs and pose to capture this wonderful picture .. in a roar, HE holds my head in his arms.

Our laughter return to us, forming an echo in the quiet and vibrant forest.

Wow, what a magazine photo! I hear this from the one who caught the moment of tomorrow.

“Let’s look at the lake, too,” he said quietly, “walking through the leaves that fall beneath us every step of the way.

– Smile, I shoot everything! A warm voice is heard behind me!

-I have arrived !

– The one that was once very deep, has dried up! I add very angry! But stay, look! In front of us is a flower field, it is wonderful!
Suddenly, his voice wakes me up to reality! We and a photo!

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