Fear of being cheated

I see many people worried, unhappy with the fear of the future, who can not afford to love and enjoy the present relationship. Because it grinds a thought, an emotion, a condition namely: -Maybe I will be cheated, and I will not find out!

What do I do ? And it will be a great drama. It’s a justified fear, I’d say, you did not like being cheated. So by observing how much energy, time, passion, interest people have for it. they often ask questions like how I can control my partner so I can assure 100% that I’m not cheating. I often hear how a partner sucks his partner and has expectations even in the first months of the relationship.

Man does not wonder how he can become better, how can he be happier, man wants to find ways in which the one next to him is controlled. So to take things logically, can you really control someone? The answer is categorical: No! Do you have the right to tell someone else what to do with their own time or their own body? You do not have this right!

Although we have access to incredible technology, you can not control it, you can not always know what the other is doing, though it is very possible to put it to sleep with you on the phone or to put gps on it, and yet you will not have 100% confidence that you know what he is doing.

You will never have 100% safety and stability and then all efforts are wasted in the wrong direction. I will bring you a new persecution and I will say to you the following: If you can not control what the other is doing and what you feel, you can control what you feel. These emotions of yours wrongly directed, sabotage the quality of the relationship. You get to live a life full of fear, though you should live your love in a relationship and not that fear.

If we can not control what is going on out there, like if I took all this energy and put it in my own person.

And we ask questions first of allow :

I could become that partner in a relationship of love that is impossible or very difficult to leave?

And now come with the answer to this question. First of all, if you are happy the other partner will not want to leave you because you feel very good next to you. There are cases where you can be a great partner and the other one leaves you but in this case you will know for sure that it is his loss and not yours. No one leaves a happy man! You can not always be happy, of course, but if you have your own life and evolve, the other will respect you more and will not leave you. So the first important step is to keep you healthy, happy, evolving and focusing on your own person.

Taking care of yourself creates you the chances of being a happier man in the long run. Often when we are in long-term relationships, we are capping, we no longer have big dreams, no longer take care of our physique, enter the comfort zone. Totally wrong! When you become delaster, you are no longer attractive to either partner or other people.

In this case, it’s normal to be jealous, you start to think yourself that you are not the man your partner first fell in love .

The conclusion is that if we want to no longer be terrorized by this fear, we have to take care of us and remember that life is change and evolution!

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