Evening Thoughts Part 2

What sweet are the evenings in which you sit in your own room, in a diffused light on the immaculate white sheet. The smell of levandah floating all over the room gives me a special inspiration. It’s evening and it’s quiet. I lose it easily in the fragrant atmosphere while I’m thinking about what I’ve been thinking all day long.

So I start by telling you that money can not buy health, I can not buy a person’s love or the care of others. On this day I noticed people without money, but with a smile on the lips and people with money that are cold, they do not give anything. We all know that every thing in this life has a price. When you have a passion, all the time of this passion, but without realizing you neglect your family, dear ones or you simply neglect yourself. We all want money but one thing I’m very convinced! That we are not all willing to pay the same price.

In all, there must be a balance because when you fall into an extreme or when you live only for money, the soul forgets to feel and is lost in this chase. travel! Make money! But do not forget to pay a small price for that, more specifically, you do not have to pay with your own smile!

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