Evening Thoughts Part 3

It’s evening. The light that announces the middle of the night accompanied by the rain that spills over the window makes me write these lines. Melancholy makes its presence felt, supported by the window, I’m looking for the right words to express me plainly.

While the cakes in the oven emit a smell that makes my senses come back, I suddenly return to my childhood.

And I’m transposing when my mom prepares cakes …

-Mom, can I help you?

– Yes, my little girl, because you will grow and the time will come when you expect your life partner with a surprise and it is necessary to learn.

Laughing in the corner of my mouth and answering it quickly :

– But mommy when I grow I’ll hire my maid and it will not be necessary to cook!

My mother sighs on my forehead and laughs loudly.

A loud noise makes me jerk, the heavy rain is heard, so I’m pulling out of the window and sitting on the living room couch. Now I grew up but my mother why did not you tell me what to do when I miss you? Why did not you tell me that when I make my own cakes at my house, it’s mys too craving!

I have one more remark, you’ve taught me to cook but I did not know that I would miss your cakes!

A wonderful evening to have you, scented with the smell of cookies made by your mother!

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