This is really what betrayal means!

It’s 5:30 in the morning. You barely open your eyes, and your mind thinks of the meetings, conferences, and phones you have to give. Why is there always so much to be done, but for so little time? Knowing he wakes up earlier, you write a message, “Good morning, baby, I hope you have a nice day.”

You want this message to remind him of the fact that he is the first person to think about when you wake up and, regardless of all the responsibilities you have at work, it is your priority. Sounds too good to be true, is not it?

Most likely, in the morning when you wake up, you check your mailbox, social networking messages, and when you’re on the way, you write your girlfriend.

Relationships today lack common sense. Lovers today are seen twice a month. I’m talking through messages and kissing virtually with lip-shaped emoticons. The feeling that transforms a relationship of love into a beautiful and endless story has disappeared. The relationship between two people can only become strong when there is communication and respect between two.

The most intimate emotions are reserved for our partner. Then why do not we outsource them and say what we really feel? We chose to watch what’s happening in the virtual world while we’re having lunch with the dear man.

We solve problems with messages instead of communicating by looking in the eye. What did we choose? With little ones. We lie every day.

We are accustomed to believing that the dear man betrays us when he has sex with someone else. But another equally important problem is that people have forgotten to love and care for one another. As soon as you find out that your partner deceived you, you lose confidence in him.

Of course, betrayal makes you feel disgusting. But have you ever thought that you are deceiving your beloved man every day? We all lead to the lack of communication, attention, passion, and love. And yet, we reconcile with this thought without doing anything to change things in the right direction.

Lack of attention causes more pain than infidelity. You have entrusted the heart of a man you love, you have chosen to be part of your life, and now you are begging for love and attention. You want to be listened and embraced, but your partner continues to post pictures and to like the posts of friends. Why should you accept this indifference? Tell your partner how dear you are.

Make an effort. Do not let love disappear. When you walk in the street – hold your hand. Give flowers to your woman without good reason. Write love messages and do not forget to keep the flame of love alive for a moment.

When love is in the middle, you have to become a child again. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and helpless. Because life passes, and you waste time on unimportant details and neglect what really matters. Focus on the relationship you are involved with.

The man next to you is all you have. Appreciate it and show it through facts how much it matters to you. But the most important thing you have to do is leave the internet and call your dear man!

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