No one knows what you really feel

No one can help you if you do not because nobody knows what you really feel. Every man has his own universe and his own destiny.

You can help a man but you can not change his life. Analyze your experiences, see what makes your heart vibrate for happiness and what makes your heart vibrate with sadness.

Most people will give you advice, but those tips represent them, not you. If you do just what the others tell you to do, you will miss your own life because it is necessary to hit yourself by certain situations to get to develop yourself.

Let’s not forget that most of the times we even get to deny our own feelings and feelings. Often this happens on social networks, showing the others how happy we are, the reality being a not very good one. It is a mistake to deny your living, because you risk rising too much frustration and getting stuck at the most inappropriate moment of your life.

Tell your friends what you’re going through, but do not forget that people will be joining you as long as you do not do better than them.

So you get the air in your chest, assume everything you feel and follow these traditions because that’s why you are a man and not a statue.

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