How painful is it when a dear person does not recognize you? The devastating effects of Alzheimer’s

I share with you the most painful experience of my life so far. I write in the idea of helping people who have close people who suffer from alzheimer or who can detect at the right time certain symptoms that lead to this unrelenting disease. I’m telling you it’s about my grandmother who has been joining me throughout my childhood and who dreamed of seeing my bride.

I grew up and my grandmother moved from us, but I used to visit her very often and she took care that every time she gave me something good and put my hands in hers. I did not know that that day was going to be the last one in which I could have a normal dialogue with her, the last day my grandmother was aware of everything that’s going on around her. I mention that my grandmother has long been telling her story many times since her youth, often forgetting where to put something in the house but I did not think that these are the first symptoms of such a disease.

One day my phone rings, I answer. At the other end of the wire was the person who lived with my grandmother telling me that she does not feel good and that she would like to visit her.

I went without thinking. I went into my grandmother’s house, all the relatives were there, and she was very scared about her. My emotions enveloped me, my grandmother did not recognize her own daughter, she did not know where she was, and she wanted my help desperately. At that moment we realized the gravity of the situation and the tears flowed without stopping. I was the only person my grandmother recognized. She put her hands in hers and asked me to save her. I was trying to have a dialogue but she did not remember anything, she knew my name, but she asked me shortly where I live or what I’m doing there. I did not want to accept what was going on, I was swallowing my tears just to avoid scaring her even harder.

From that day, nothing was the same for me. At this moment my grandmother can not even open her eyes, she is in a captivated bed in a body that only impairs her. I would have liked to tell him about the love I am living for now because he wanted much , I would have liked to tell him how much I love her and she can understand this … if you are not in a similar situation, do not forget to appreciate loved ones, tell them every day how much you love because they are it might be too late when you do it.

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