Do not judge anyone according to their physical appearance!

Most of the times we judge people by appearances. First of all, nobody can choose what looks to have as nobody has absolute beauty.

Everyone is unique in the way he looks and behaves. Among the teenagers this happens very often. So I would like to mention that during the high school period, some colleagues often humiliated the weakest and they played the game they looked like.

Probably if they could see what happens when those emotionally maltreated people left the school, they would not have played and would not have judged people by their looks. I intervened vocally every time someone was humiliated, I actually could not stand to see the rage of some people pouring over innocent souls. I have not been able to radically change this situation at the time, so I chose to write these lines to understand that you have to go through humiliation to know the greatness, and here I refer to the humility that life can offer, not people.

Dear readers, never humiliate someone because of their physical appearance because life is unpredictable, they say that because those girls humiliated during the high school became strong women.

I want to mention that now those humiliated girls have become beautiful, strong women whom those who mocked and would like them in their lives today.

It’s ironic, is not it? So do not forget to be empathetic with the others because life will not hesitate to get you right!

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