Popularity versus anonymity on social networks

We live days when popularity on social networks is a necessity and a huge desire to get out of anonymity.

Most people think that being popular online guarantees you will never be alone and that people love you as you are. This need for confirmation is nothing but an illusion.

How many of those with popularity on facebook have honest meetings with no interests, how many of those with dozens of my friends in online have real friends in life? We feed on illusions and at the end we end up being an “anonymous” in our own real life. Of course it’s easier to open an application and be who you want. Often people put labels on other people not knowing them. But have you wondered what this term of “popularity” means? It involves many criticisms, negative opinions of people who forget that every human being has the freedom to be as he thinks fit for him.

Popularity is the transparency offered to people you do not know but you want to integrate in influencing your own life. What role do you want?

The anonymous commenting on a popular picture on facebook, instagram, or the folk who feeds on the confirmation of others?

Use everything in your favor but do not let you use the networks!

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