Motivational quotes

There are times when nothing happens. Moments when everything is too calm, too silent … Do not be afraid of them. Silence is an amazing thing, because it shows us the way to ourselves. “

“If your husband refuses to change, you have a choice: to live with him, according to his rules or in your own way, but without him. If you can not decide – it means you do not hear your inner voice and the problem is not in it but in you. “

“Leadership can not be tried and then abandoned. Leadership is a lifestyle. “

“I heard with my ears in the Dalai Lama the following statement:” How comfortable you would not be to sit down, it will sometime numb your feet. That’s why you have to change your position. “I think things are alive too. We need change, otherwise it starts to hurt our soul of fatigue, boredom and lack of life.”

“The best thing we can give our children is to teach them to love themselves.”

“Men do not have to be our whole world, but they have to be one of its components, which is in a common line alongside all the other things that are valuable to us”

“Sometimes the man prepares his whole life for his main discourse. In other cases, however, his main discourse defines his entire life. “

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