Morning thoughts

It’s morning, after a deep sleep and waiting dreams, I get out of bed, open the window and see in the bus station in front of my home, an old man with a bag in her hand waiting for the bus early in the morning. I wonder what the reason she did to go to the unaccompanied road and what is her destination. I do not have time to reflect on these thoughts because the bus has arrived and took with him the old lady who was hard to get into that vehicle. not knowing that someone looks at her from the window she sees her unhampered.

A cool breeze makes me close the window and take my thoughts from what I saw and continue my activities. I prepared a bowl of milk with the cinnamon flavor, which I enjoy the taste buds. look at the window, people continue their activities, each with its own purpose for which it crosses the front of my window.

A long day is waiting for me, I have to go down and go to solve my chores. I smile in the corner of my mouth and wonder if anyone looks at me from a window, beginning my morning with me. To be continued…

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