How did you spend the Sunday?

When I say Sunday they say “family, relaxation, blog, quiet”. I live out of the love I give to loved ones so much, so that day is very dear to me, because they can give the loved one a thousand hugs without any retention.

I love cuddling in perfectly crafted and perfectly molded arms for my body, I feel safe, I feel the whole world belongs to me. I often wonder why people are not happy and most often find the answer to this question. People are not happy because they still have not understood that love is everything, love is quiet, storm, in a word “life”.

Many others put barriers, do you think what others would say if you do things that make you happy. I have chosen to leave everything behind and not listen to others who do not know my deep thoughts and who would not know what would make me happy.

I realize that everything I have done so far makes me enjoy this day and all the decisions made so far.

How do you spend this day? did you do everything to have a Sunday as a story?

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