Happiness comes to the bundle of success

I often wonder what is the definition of happiness but immediately I realize that there is no definition and that happiness is simply an emotion, a feeling.

To succeed is to make a mistake but still to know that you have evolved because you have added a package of knowledge to your own development. teach your heart to feel, vibrate daily emotions, living. A mother who managed to tear the child’s tears while he did not know how to do it, is a success, that mother feels happy by simply helping the child to go further confidently.

Another example would be when you go to the street with a bag of pretzels in hand, on the other side of the street, a child is hungry and ask for help to people who are passing by quickly. You stop, you realize that the child really needs your bag of pretzels, you hand it over, and you go ahead and manage to make a child feel better. Did you think that successes are just those things that are hard to reach and that you will postpone your happiness every day until you get to feel it? Nothing more wrong, these are just the stereotypes of people living just for them. The achievements for me are the small things that bring me a great joy.

Do not forget that every day you can be a successful man because you only own the key to your happiness!

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