Diet that never fails

The only weight loss diet approved by all nutritionists consists of healthy foods from all groups. You just need to lower your daily calories.

For example, a woman needs 1,800 kcalories a day. If you want to lose weight, lower your daily ration to 1000 kcal and distribute it in five meals. Keep in mind other rules established not by nutritionists, but by your own body.

1. Do not eat much of your daily calorie ration at a single meal, because you have the greatest risk of getting it. It is advised to eat at least every 3 hours. In this way, the body produces energy and not fat reserves.

2. Daytime influx leads to weight gain. The feeling of hunger will be so intense that you will eat more than you need within 12 hours. Unfortunately, it’s going to happen in the evening!

3. If you eat at night, you not only get fat, but it’s like putting bombs in the liver cells. If you work in this period, take the last meal at 18 o’clock. Then you are only allowed to drink water. If you are hungry, a sour sauce or a yogurt is required.

4. No weight loss regimen results without a generous breakfast. This way, you dramatically and effortlessly limit your daily meals.

5. Foods are good only in daily combinations. A single food, over the course of several days, either highly nutritious, is a harmful diet. Diets only with vegetable soup, meat or cheese will help you lose a few pounds in record time. But it invariably induces the yo-yo effect, that is, cell metabolism will become extremely heavy, and the smallest amount of food will go directly into fat stores.

6. In no diet do not give up bread. Only a slice of daily bread, which contains 80 kcalories, is allowed. Whole bread perfectly regulates intestinal transit. If it is slow, weight loss will not be satisfactory.

7. Despite the fact that they have excess vitamins and minerals, they are not allowed more than two fruits a day, because they are fat. Also, keep in mind that a fresh contains water with sugars of at least 3 fruits.

8. Vegetables have the least calories. So, if you are hungry, eat any kind of raw vegetable. The fibers in them, once in the stomach, increase their size and thus the feeling of satiety mechanically appears.

9. Before any meal, drink a glass of water. It reduces your hunger.

10. Increase cell metabolism – burns will be more intense – the following foods: red pepper, sugar-free jam, urda.

11. In any diet do not completely give up fat. It is allowed that out of the 1000 daily kcal, 5% is saturated fat (meat, dairy) and 10% unsaturated fat (fish, oil). Only in cholesterol is sex hormones synthesized. Menstruation can disappear without fat from food. It can also trigger infertility.

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