New images with Galaxy S10 + where the fingerprint sensor is not compatible with screen protection

A few weeks ago, a smartphone manufacturer announced on its Twitter account that its screen protection products are not compatible with the final version of the Galaxy S10. With screen protection, the phone no longer recognizes the user’s fingerprint, using the integrated ultrasonic sensor in the display. A new clip in which a Galaxy S10 + appears to have a phone with a foil over the display cut into the area where the fingerprint sensor is positioned confirms the old rumors.

Click for video

The phone seems to be a final device of the Galaxy S10 +, equipped with two front chambers positioned in the top right corner of the “Infinity-O” display. A glass film is applied over the curved screen, which provides cut-out for both the camera and the camera, so as not to affect performance in the case of selfies but also at the bottom of the screen where the fingerprint sensor is located. Unlike the technology used by other companies like Huawei or OnePlus, which use optical sensors, Samsung has chosen an ultrasonic one, which is in theory faster and more accurate.

An ultrasonic sensor uses ultrasonic vibrations to read the fingerprint, and a glass layer can overcome the values the sensor receives back. However, the Galaxy S10 may be compatible with other protective film designs, but more attention will be needed when one of the tempered glass is chosen, especially if it does not have this cut.

Also, Samsung could deliver the Galaxy S10 with its own protective foil, which it could apply at the factory, but that is not exactly the thing for the company, competitors such as Huawei resorting to such solutions in the past. At the same time, Samsung could sell proprietary glass sheets, tested and approved for use with the fingerprint sensor.

Galaxy S10, S10e and S10 + will be presented next week at a UNPACKED launch event to be held in London.

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