Evening Thoughts

For me the evening is the right time to find me and relax. I meditate on everything I did throughout the day and feed my mind only with good thoughts for the next day. I love to write in the light of a vanilla perfume lamp, to make my tabrites, to make sure that the bedding is scented by an immaculate white.

I tried to analyze my last thought before falling asleep, I often wonder if every man finds himself in the silence of the evening and if he thinks he is lucky to be in his own bed while many others tortures to fall asleep in less pleasant places, places where he would not want to be, more specifically, hospitals. One thing is certain that those people have learned the lesson and when they fall asleep in their own bed they will appreciate every detail, from a gray sheet, to a candle that has not been illuminated for a long time. I am grateful for everything I am and everything I have every night.

Your last thought what is it? do not forget to enjoy the simple things and do not forget to look into the serenity of everything that belongs to you!

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