Do not give up!

When we go through hard times in life, everything collapses for us, nothing happens anymore and the only solution is to quit. To give up dreams, to love and often to give up our own person.

Open your eyes! when you feel hurt, broken down by the problems of life, look in the mirror! If you do not miss any part of your body, you get the answer “you have everything”. For those who have had accidents or simply have a problem, do not forget that life itself is a gift and that being alive is a miracle! You are a miracle! it often smiles, makes tests that make you understand the real weights of life. Do not use one hand for a day and suddenly you will be excited and happy when you realize that you are blessed that you have two hands, that you have two eyes and that you can read this article and you can see your family at any time of day!

Do not give up, life is more than a hindrance!

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