6 differences between love and habit

If you are in one of these situations, you can figure out what is the stage of your relationship.

1.Anything bothering you?

One of the strategies you can use is to ask yourself: why do so much trouble the little things that we did not even notice at first?

If the noise you make when chewing excessively, the fact that you forget to buy something on the shopping list or the shirt you wear too often, it is clear that something has changed in your relationship. If any petty thing gets you off, you should think seriously if you want to be together.

The best thing is to be honest. Because otherwise you will live in a constant state of frustration and lack of satisfaction. I mean, clearly, you’re gonna stay with him out of the ordinary.

2. Do you avoid making long-term plans with him?

Let’s say you have a trip in a few months, you wonder if you should take it? Or maybe try to apologize not to go anymore … Then it is certain that something is wrong between you.

This uncertainty about the future and lack of devotion is the sign of an affective problem. I mean you stay with him out of the ordinary. Maybe you should think seriously if it’s the ideal partner.

3. Is love declarations as “automatic pilot”?

To say “I love you” is an act of affection and when you really feel it is all the more special. But this can lose its true meaning when you have no need to say it or just say it out of obligation, because things have taken another turn.

If you wake up saying “I love you” automatically, just so that he does not feel embarrassed, it is not even a good sign. Or maybe you worry that the lack of this phrase could lead to an imminent quarrel. This is a sign that the love of the couple has been replaced by the habit of being together.

4. Do you no longer have passion in the bedroom?

Among the few differences between love and habit is the lack of passion in the bedroom. Intimacy is very important in the couple. If intimate relationships are getting stronger with time, the two partners have developed a strong and lasting bond.

If the activity in the bedroom is to suffer, or if you feel obligated and indebted, then it means that you are no longer as in love with it.

5. Do you feel the need to surprise him anymore?

Small details are what counts. Thin things make life more interesting, and in a couple make you feel loved and appreciated.

There are a multitude of small gestures that you can do for the dear one. A romantic home dinner, an unexpected statement, a surprise message, or a weekend break at your favorite cottage.

If you do not care to surprise him and you do not get an occasional compliment, you have to admit that habit has been installed.

6. Are you talking to him anymore?

Lack of communication is one of the six differences between love and habit you should be careful about.

Effective communication is the foundation of any long-lasting relationship, based on affection and sincerity, and is the balance that you should aspire to in the couple relationship. Two people who love themselves overcome any barriers, including those related to communication.

Do you think you identify yourself with at least one of the above? It is important to know these signs and counteract them early. Maybe it’s just one phase that you can easily overcome together, as partition is not what you want.

Once you become aware of the problems that exist, it will be much easier to find a solution for them. And if you both want to stay together, not everything is lost, with little effort you can find the passion that brought you together.

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