10 things women should never do

Every gesture and smile of a woman is consumed with appetite, appreciated, admired and loved. But also analyzed. Yes, men love with heart, but also with eyes, ears and both hands. But it happens that the way of being a woman makes you think. How beautiful she is, if she does not amaze you in the best way, the rest is just a story.

There are damn things to do with a woman. Stay without care, it’s mutual. But a woman who wants a suitable man next door, who wants confidence, good attitude and sincere love, can not be just beautiful or just interesting.

But, come back. With 10 things that girls and women should never do.

1. Gossip. Gossip is good only in one sense: then you understand what a woman truly means, if it respects and has values. Beyond what she likes or does not like for a man, it is the attitude of a woman to understand that much is not good. Especially when you turn it into personal quality.

2. Silence. It’s the other way around, right? Still makes sense. Women have the habit of silence, when they upset them, and then they all complain that he should have known it for a long time. Silence is good in love, but not when it can break a relationship. Communication is the first step to approach a man, especially when something goes wrong.

3. Possess. A woman needs to know that a man has both friends and parents, and service, and many other things I get in the first place. A woman does not have to monopolize a discussion: whether the discussion takes place at a coffee, a park bench or a bed. She has to accept people around her as they are.

4. To clothe herself by undressing. Here’s a whole theory. She says that the skirt that ends up to the buttocks is a new trend in fashion, and the neckline clothes cause more attraction than the force of a delayed-action bomb. Some believe this still works. Yes, it goes for men who will never seek to discover your soul. For the rest, more decency and more self-esteem.

5. To think they are more important than men. Do not get me wrong. A single man will cherish and love a woman if he knows it, correct and good. But there are women who think themselves princesses, who want everything from the first, but they only kill the manhood of a man who just wants to protect, build, sustain. A woman is not in front of or behind the man, she’s next to him.

6. Be a woman of money ready. If you want to be treated as an object, it requires money. If you want to be a loved woman, ask for love. Do not die hungry with the man who loves you, believe me. But you surely lose his respect and affection once you start to appreciate all the things you do. Do not expect infinite love when your gestures are perceived as services. After all, everything is mutual.

7. To smoke and consume excess alcohol. I have nothing with the girls who have decided that this is the best thing they can do in their lives. Yes, I really am happy that I have nothing with the girls who have decided this.

8. Complexity from nothing. But from nothing. That the hat does not sit well, that the world is watching, that you are telling the stupid guys that she laughs at. Walk barefoot in the streets, dance in the rain, walk in the dressing room, go out of the bathroom more empty, laugh in public transport, get out of your hands when listening to music in headphones … live a more natural life, more with love, alongside the loved one. The rest is nothing but the rest.

9. To criticize. Communicating is welcome, this will bring a man closer. To say what he does not like is ok, that will make a man correct his shortcomings. But it’s not good to criticize. If every day the first thing she does when her husband comes home is to start with reproaches and dissatisfactions, nothing good comes out of it. If on the first occasion you are arguing, then you do not make a good family out of it. Trying to change some things is normal, but turning a man to his own pleasure is inappropriate.

10. Do not listen. No, it’s not about when you become addicted to the man next door. To listen is to understand. You care about his opinion and his soul. Be part of his world and allow him to be part of your world. Feel what she feels.

I did not write these lines to come back with reproaches. I did not even write to give a certain direction to women. I have written by communicating with hundreds of women and understanding, to a large extent, where the discontent, the shortcomings or the unhappiness come from.

And if they want and feel the situation, the girls may not consider such advice, including this kind of advice. If you like makeup in excess, you smoke or you’re a woman of cash, it’s normal. If you live the same life tomorrow, it’s normal. If you do not like this article, it’s ok. As normal as we, the men of this world, love the right and true women.

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