There’s less chance of being cheated if you do that

If men want their girlfriends not to deceive, they should consider a particular sexual act, according to scientists. A new study argues that oral sex persuades women to stay in a relationship.

Researchers from Oakland University interviewed a sample of 243 heterosexual men, all in a relationship – to find out whether they also meet their partner through an oral sex match. They found that men were more inclined to have oral sex if they thought their partner was appealing, and if there was a risk of being seduced by another man. Obviously, you can not make your girlfriend happy just by doing this, but American researchers say it can be helpful.

These findings appear after a recent study revealed that there is a significant difference in oral sex in men and women. According to the survey, men often enjoy oral sex and do not necessarily return to service.

The study shows that 64% of men claim they have oral stimulation during the last sex game, compared with only 44% of women. Researchers have also found that more women (59%) than men (52%) have oral sex.

It seems that this behavior has nothing to do with men’s selfishness. The authors of the study point out that, in fact, women feel worried about the genital scent of oral sex. These thoughts prevent him from concentrating on pleasure and lead to a sense of anxiety.

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