What are the colors of 2019 in fashion?

The colors of 2019 in fashion will reflect the trends towards which the entire fashion industry is heading, namely: elegance, refinement, originality and obstinacy.

All the more, the shades of fashion are the first visual impact between the wearer and the eye of the viewer; the hue will always eclipse the pattern and cut of a garment or footwear, which also applies to accessories.

What are the colors of 2019 in fashion?

The colors of 2019 in fashion are, in fact, the line that fashion designers will follow and trends will be adopted by most of the population from this point of view. Certainly, especially in chromatics, there are many nonconformists who prefer to guide themselves to their own tastes, which is why this article presents some general aspects valid for the fashion of 2019 and its chromaticity. The colors of 2019 in fashion are:

Powdered Pink – is a color that will never derail and will wear more and more. In 2019, the pale pink means elegance and refinement, as a habit controlled by this hue still conveys the expensive idea from the first visual contact. Another reason why pale rose is one of the colors of 2019 is the adaptability, the pale pink can be worn on both a bride dress and a thick overcoat on the winter threshold. Scarves, French hats or pockets in this pink hue make a very luxurious tune to the whole outfit, but also a spring, romantic, inspiring vintage.

Burgundy – is a strong hue, specific to the colors of 2019. Being very adaptable, this color can be worn on both garments, even massive (like furs!) And shoes or accessories. Burgundy is a shade taken from French fashion, which gives it a special sex appeal, a luxurious and mysterious air.

Lila – a classical, elegant hue that will be indispensable for the fashion of 2019. This hue will mainly be worn on small accessories and garments made of very light materials. Lilac is a hue to be worn with attitude, for it inspires a dose of absolute femininity, but also a specific romance specific to the beginning of the century. It is advisable not to wear this hue on heavy materials such as cloth or cashmere, but rather on silk and lace.

Marine Blue – the list of 2019 colors in fashion would have been incomplete without a blue hue, and the marine is clear that it can not fail in any clothing combination. Although it is a cool shade, especially during the autumn-winter season, marine blue can be present in a lot of office, casual or festive wear. For example, marine blue can be worn throughout the year on evening gowns, on slippery shoes and on small bags. Such an element confers a certain mystery to the outfit, but also a particular advantage.

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