The power of thinking – how to bring more joy into your life?

Sometimes it is given to you to meet certain people, to read some books, to see certain films. Often, people are the ones who can have a major impact on you and often the strength of an individual can make you review your way of thinking or doing things. Each of us inside is a small seeker of truth, of conquest, of abundance or of happiness. I like to travel, to know people, traditions, cultures, ideas. One of the travelers has marked me because of a truly authentic man. A spiritual leader, a businessman, a happy father, a fulfilled man. John told me how he started the business, told me about his little girl, how he spends his spare time and how he runs his own business.

– What we think we become actions and all our thoughts circulate freely through the universe, John told me

“Yes, it’s the” law of attraction, “I told her

– Just to some extent, the Law of Attraction says you attract into your life what you think, I’m talking about something else, namely the “omnipotence law”!

“And like the law of omnipotence, did I ask?

– The law of omnipotence means that your thoughts change not only you, it changes people and the whole universe! No thought you send to the universe remains unanswered. Either you get something in return, or someone else gets it.

– How do you know these things?

– Marian, some things can remain shrouded in mystery.

– OK. Tell me, I challenged him.

– We are going through tens of thousands of thoughts every day. Some research shows that we have somewhere for 60,000 daily thoughts, most of them unconscious! Sometimes the thoughts have a connection with the present, sometimes with the future, sometimes with the past, and sometimes we do not find any sense and no temporal positioning. We have the impression that our thoughts are simple thoughts and have no clear effect. It’s just an impression. Again, researches have undoubtedly shown that when we think we emerge certain outbursts coming out of our bodies! The question would be where these thoughts go? At a greater or less distance? Are they influencing the environment in some way or not? Does it influence us and those around us?

I think it influences us, “I replied

– Maybe you sometimes stayed next to someone who was sad! Not a few times you have been left with this state of sadness, sometimes a cheerful person has transferred this state to you. When I use the term of thought, I do not consider rational or logical thinking, but I have in mind everything that a man can feel, imagine and imagine. Likewise, you enter a room and feel a tension without even observing the nonverbal people, you just feel. Imagining that what we think does not have an impact on the enfeeble environment can be a good premise, but it is less demonstrable. Rather, there is enough evidence that people can communicate beyond thoughts. How many times did not it happen to know exactly what would happen? How many times have you not had the same thought as the person next to you without even having to change two words?

– I totally agree!

John continues his story.

Name the universe anyway you want: Divinity, God, Energy or whatever. Perhaps you will find it difficult to believe, but every thought of every man does not remain isolated in the body of the body. He goes into the universe, opens certain channels of communication, and meets other thoughts. We not only send thoughts to the Universe, but we also receive! When we get a thought we call it a good idea, a bad idea, inspiration, or some other way. A group of Japanese researchers surveyed the behavior of monkeys. Some of them have been taught to wash potatoes before they eat them. As several monkeys were taught, in the same area, monkeys who had never known that the potatoes had begun to wash themselves began to wash them as well. Interesting, is not it?

In a certain village, people think in a certain way in a certain city the same way. In a certain country the same. It would be easy to say that in the middle it is only what we see but it is more, it is a collective mental constituted by the force of that community’s thought! Man can be defined by what he is, what he does and what he has. What he does and what he has is determined to a great extent by what he is, by what he feels and imagining. Basically what we do and what we have is a design of our interior outside. Sometimes this attempt to overlap the inside is not a happy one in the sense that there are dissonances, and the reason why this happens is that we have not clarified our interior.

– Can you be a little more precise? Your ideas are relatively clear I can not figure exactly where you want to go

John continues: More specifically, the force of thought operates under the omnipotence law.

To be continued..

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