Grammy Awards 2019: What the Stars Wear on the Red Carpet

The extravagant touches did not appear late this year on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards 2019. Many of the stars’ appearances were impeccable, while others showed bizarre clothing choices that fell into the ridiculous area. One of the most unexpected appearances was that of Jennifer Lopez, which, unfortunately, has been featured by several publications in the category of the worst-dressed stars.

The 49-year-old singer chose to wear a long, dirty white dress with busty applications alongside a huge cowboy-inspired hat that almost covered her face. The fashion creation belongs entirely to the Ralph & Russo fashion house, and although it has a super glamorous look, the presence of the hat was not exactly the liking of fashion critics. Jennifer Lopez is not the only star on the blacklist, followed by Kylie Jenner, who chose to wear a pink blouse signed by Balmain with busty sleeves or Katy Perry, who looked almost like a muffin from the seated tulle in layers. Again, Balmain creation.

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