Take care of your emotional health

Give yourself time to understand your feelings, attitudes, reactions. We often say that we react volcanically because of fatigue, when in fact there is a frustration in the back. Do not overlook either the bad moments or the good ones, because they are the foundation.

Train your empathy, try to look at things from the perspective of others, and you will see that in time you will be able to take things easier, will lessen the mistakes, the quarrels, the differences of opinion. And the first person with whom you have to be 100% empathic is yourself.

Also related to your emotional health, another tip would be to go to a psychologist even if you’re not sick. I know it does not fall into the category for free, but if an emotional problem keeps you in place and prevents you from developing harmoniously, it may be worth the effort.

To begin with, let’s establish something: the psychologist is not a physician, but the psychiatrist is. So, you do not go to a psychologist like a doctor, because you’re sick or crazy. The psychologist is just a counselor, a specialist who takes care of your psychic welfare as the manicurist cares for your nails. Go to manicure / pedicure when you can not take care of your nails yourself and need a little help to keep them healthy and beautiful. She also works as a psychologist.

If you feel that you have a harder time, that you seem more or less stressed than usual, that nothing is content, schedule a meeting. The human mind is more complicated than you imagine, and psychologists usually know what to ask yourself to figure out what the problem is and how to solve it.

A healthy and balanced mind is the perfect cloth for everything you want to build, for the man you want to become.

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