Make money! Love a single woman! Travel!

Whoever says love is just love was wrong. Who says money is just money wrong. Who thinks that a plane ticket can not change anything has never used a flight ticket. There are things that, as long as we do not change them, remain examples of how you can see your life as if it were a slap. You love, you live. You have money, you exist. You are traveling … well, you live or exist. What makes us find a model in life is not the madness of a beautiful adventure nor the peace of a family that you love and care for. It is most likely a middle way, one in which you do not survive, but do not forget to fight.

You are a man. Like other thousands of men, you want tomorrow to be more beautiful than today. Have money to reach you by the end of the month, a girl who loves you sincerely and a life that will make you understand that you have found the compromise between love and necessity.

You can find the compromise at 20 and 40 only that it’s different every time. You realize that your life, with good and evil, is a bunch of lines. After each relationship, drag the line. After each job, the same. It’s right to make your own conclusions, it’s wrong to do it often. After all, you still regret it was so and not different. Then you blame and most likely you give up. Wrong.

You always try to understand how a woman mate materialism. But the answer is simple: nothing. Not a woman must have the sense of material, of safety, but of you. Before you argue with arguments, I tell you that I believe in communication, in giving 50-50 in a relationship, in the possibility of a woman to work as well. If he wants to. But beyond that, it’s you.

Then, women. You find them sometimes so naive, sometimes too strong. But never uninteresting. Yeah, you loved and the man instinct tells you you could love again. But beyond the interest and pleasure of seeing a woman a lady and a mistress, the time comes when you see her as a wife. And as a mother. And as a friend. Then you think if all the years of search have been worth it and you understand that yes, they were worth it. Just now is the time to sit next to her, to explain that the past is a gift to people and the future a moment to two people. Do you love her and do you understand that … otherwise how if not with her? Just her.

If we think of what a man does in years, we understand that his whole life is a journey. The most beautiful thing is when you make decisions in time, and then you have only one person you love. So without theater. Being the master of your life and your avenues does not mean to not suffer failures or shortcomings, but to choose what is right.

Act correctly. Keep things up to the end. Know that that trip will take you away or carry you near someone, but you will always be. Traveling all over the world is beautiful. Doing this with someone is a living thing. That’s how memories and stories are written with golden weddings.

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