How is your day going to you? Sounds like that?

A new day. Call the phone to wake you up, stop it for about 10 minutes. I’m going so fast you’re nervous when you have to get out of bed. The darkness outside is also depressing you. You wash your teeth still asleep, you make your coffee in the hope that it gets you out of numbness. Immediately wear the clothes that come to your hand and finally walk out the door. Whether you are traveling by car or by public transport, you still sleep. Maybe just the horns in the traffic or the cold outside to wake you up again.

You get to the office, you get over another 2-3 colleagues asleep as you. You greet more by marrying and realizing that you are not doing too well. Have a drink with them and lately you get the job done. You are busy all day long after the meal, when you still get numbness. Finally, it’s time to leave. After spending an hour and a bit of traffic, when you get home you are already torn and you no longer want anything. You still have a little TV to hear a news story, just a little on facebook to see what your friends have done (otherwise you do not have time to call them to find out) and fall asleep. Tomorrow you take it.


How to make your day more beautiful? Very rarely those around you will do something for you. And they will not even be able to change anything in your life if you do not want to. Hold on to you. WAY THAT THE DAY WAS TREAY UNSERVED OR MAKE CEVA TO BE MEMORABLE? Create special moments and enjoy life.

Here are some examples that work for me:

1.Start the morning with the smile on your lips

Even if outside weather is softer, the morning needs to bring you energy. Put a smiley make you cheerful on the bathroom mirror, choose colorful mugs and multicolored plates for breakfast.

2. Dress in the finest clothes you have in the closet

Know. This advice seems more for women, but I think there are a few men who have their favorite ties in the closet or like a certain shirt or other t-shirt. Why do you keep them in the siphon? Did not you buy them to wear them?

3. On the way to the office

Instead of getting angry at traffic, listening to music, or singing in the car. On the bus or underground, reads a book or studies people. Develop your creativity and try to create characters from the examples around you. Imagine what the gentleman is in the gray coat in the office, what he would say or how he would behave. Surely thinking about it something will make you smile (especially if in your mind you try to imitate it’s voice).

4. Answer “excellent” to the question “what are you doing?” And smile!

Even if it’s not really true. There must have been something that made you feel good on the previous day with a trace of today. Forget the negative things. Focus on those that bring you joy.

5. Personalize your office

It’s your colt, it’s yours. Without exaggerating, bring your plants, put pictures, small figurines, drawings from children. Put in a bowl of coffee beans. or season cinnamon sticks. Their smell is refreshing. And it can also inspire you, and make you feel better. Also in this idea choose the wall paper on your computer’s desktop. There are thousands of inspirational variants that you find free on the internet.

6.Snack break at the office

Especially in this season, he invented with his colleagues the idea of a huge basket of fruits (apples, bananas, oranges) to which you rotate the refill. You can add something sweet, a piss, a tea, a chocolate candy. At 11 o’clock and after 4 o’clock at 4 o’clock, you can chop a fruit. The smell of orange will give you energy. And even if you do not usually consume fruits, after a week it will create addiction 🙂

7. Call a friend

Right before you leave the office, call a friend and see what he’s doing. Start with the people you know are optimistic, full of life, who answer with “Hello! How are you? How much I’m glad you called me. “The kind that fills you in less than a minute of conversation. You surely have at least one such friend in your phone book. Even if you do not plan to go out tonight, you’ll feel better when you hear it. What are you up to? Call him!

8. Again to the house!

Make your plan for the day. I think it’s good to suggest a lot of things, Noro says few and you can do it all. I say it’s better to have a lot and if you fail, it’s the list made for the next few days. It sounds so good when you know that for tomorrow you planned an outing with your friends or when you know that you are going to the mountain in the weekend or next month see Vienna.

9. Evening is the time of passions

What would you like to do and have not done for a long time? Listen to music, dance, watch a good movie, call your family, play with children, draw, paint, make up your clothes and donate what you do not wear, drink a beer, a glass of wine, open a champagne, read a book, eat a slice of cake, take curtain pictures, order in folders on your computer, or phone book, write a book, or film script (!), write a blog post, spoil yourself with a massage, swim, do sports, make children 🙂


You? How do you make your day more beautiful?

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