20 beauty tricks that work

We’ve gathered the best 20 beauty tricks that work and results, sometimes spectacular and far beyond expectations.

Change to the pillow every week or more often if you have a problem skin – Grease and dust on the hair is easily transferred to the skin through the pillowcase. Before blaming the chocolate for the few baskets on the cheek, it better calculates when you washed your head the last time and how many days have passed since you changed the pillow. To prevent acne from occurring, change to the pillow every week and, with this gesture, wash your hair.

Cold Spoons for Fluffy Eyes – To quickly get rid of the bags under the eyes, cool two spoons in cold water and apply them on your eyelids for a few minutes!

Increases eye color intensity – Choosing the right shade color, the shade of your eyes will look more intense. If you have blue eyes, use a brown shade, and if you have green, opt for purple. The black or brown eyes are blue or purple.

Solution for Oily Hair – Those who are experiencing this type of hair know how hard it is to keep it clean and fresh for more than two days for a greasy hair. As your hair has grown as late as possible, add a few tablespoons of lemon juice to the rinse water. Apply this treatment twice a week!

Do not wet your lips – This habit is harmful to the health of your lips in winter and summer! Frequent moistening leads to dehydration and cracking. Make a good habit and use a creamy lipstick, a lip balm or even a little cream of marigolds, products that you must always have at your fingertips!

Give your hair a shine and keep it cool with cold water – Try to wash your head with water as you crack! Hot water matures hair, opens the cuticles of the yarn, and the color is lost faster. Specialists recommend water as cold as we can, especially when rinsing.

Get rid of cellulite or at least diminish unsightly appearance – As with a flower does not spring, neither with a cream, be it the best, do not get rid of cellulite. Diet and movement have to accompany the treatment with anti-cellulite products and, in addition, it is quicker if you massage the areas affected by the orange peel with a dry brush with circular movements every morning before showering. This massage stimulates blood circulation and lymph drainage, thus emphasizing the effect of the cream.

White your teeth with bicarbonate – Brush your teeth twice a week with bicarbonate. The same effect is obtained if you mix a toothpaste in a toothpaste with a kitchen salt knife. Although the taste of these treatments is not very pleasant, the effect deserves the test. Apply treatment once a month!

Use the lipstick until the last charm – When the favorite lipstick is finished, do not throw what’s left in the plastic tube! Brush the rest of the lipstick and mix it with a teaspoon of melted butter until it is perfectly homogenized (preferably shea butter or cocoa butter, although good and milk). Put the mixture in a box and keep it in the refrigerator. Thus, you get a lip balm in your favorite color.

They often wash their hairbrush brushes – Although they are vital accessories for beauty, they can turn into true bacterial transporters that irritate and infect the skin. Dust and fine hair particles left in their brushes affect the skin over time. Clean the brushes every month, washing them with shampoo. To prevent them from drying, apply a few drops of conditioner, then rinse and dry them by toweling. Eye shadow applicators are cleaned weekly. So is the pie!

Eye Cream Helps Correct Makeup Mistakes – Silicone Pencil is a great thing when you want to quickly correct a line with a badly drawn stroke or an inadvertently applied mascara over the makeup, but if you do not have this tool at your fingertips and need to immediately retouch makeup, eye cream is the best solution. Apply a little cream on a cosmetic jar, and it will work as a genuine eraser without compromising makeup.

Peanut brings freshness – Are you tired, and that’s what you see on your skin? Apply a light background and use a blush in peach color! This color freshens the face and brings it warmth.

Avoid red hair when you have tired eyes – This wedding enhances the redness of your eyes. Instead, applying a green blush to the upper eyelid and contouring the lower eyelid with a pearly beige pencil, you look down at the tired look.

Exercises get rid of the crèches – If you wake up with a “beautiful” pair of circles, turn to the next trick: Hold your head down with your hands on the floor for a few seconds. This position helps you reverse the flow of blood and diminish the intensity of the dark circles beneath the eye.

When you’re tired, apply light makeup. Stress and fatigue affect the skin, hurrying dehydration. In these situations, it’s best to moisturize your fruit and give up your classic makeup, adopting a light and moisturizing cream, a moisturizing and coloring cream instead of a foundation or a mineral powder if you have oily skin.

Ascending Lines – If you want to get a quick lifting effect, it’s enough to apply the blush from the cheekbones to the t-shirts in an oblique line and to twist your eyes with a stroke so that you can slightly overcome the eye’s tail with an ascending line at an angle of 45 degrees).

Use razor blade without irritating – When emergencies occur and the razor blade is the only quick solution for epilation, massage the skin with a little olive oil, apply razor or even a little shampoo, then use the blade. So treated, the skin does not irritate or dehydrate very hard.

Protect your daily complexion – Day cream should contain many protective factors, especially if you live in a polluted city. Vitamins C and E are effective antioxidants that prevent the action of free radicals from pollution and stress, and UVA and UVB filters protect the skin from the harmful effects of sunlight. Make sure that your day cream contains at least one antioxidant and a UVA filter greater than 10.

Stitch your nails only in a sense – Nail is made up of several layers of keratin, called cuticle. Wearing them in both directions, these layers crack and the nails exfoliate. To prevent this embarrassment, nails are poured in just one way!

Treat the baskets with toothpaste and salt – Squeezing the pimples can result in inflammation of the area, spreading the infection on the face and the appearance of some spots or scars. In commerce, there are plenty of products to help you treat the inflammation and cover the basket, but if you do not have it, apply the toothpaste on the inflammation that you combine with an equal amount of salt. He laughs with trouble, delicates with this combination, then acts. Rinse with warm water and repeat. The trick is very good for black spots.

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