Positive thinking during pregnancy can help develop children’s skills for science and math

A new study that uses older data has shown that mothers’ optimistic thinking and attitudes that things can change with their own actions have positively influenced children in the sense that they have more mature science and math skills than the rest.

Researchers used data from a study in the 1990s that examined a personality measure called control locus, an expectation of someone about the outcome of events in their lives. This parameter has two aspects: an internal one, of those who think they can influence the course of things, and an external one in which external forces beyond the control of the person dictate the course of life, so it makes no more sense to intervene, writes Medical Xpress.

Researchers examined the control site using questionnaire responses from over 1,600 pregnant women who took part in the study. They then analyzed the mathematical and scientific skills of children at the age of 8, 11 and 13. The findings suggest that mothers with an internal control locus had children more capable of science and mathematics than mothers with an external control locus, so the former were more likely to give children healthy diets that help brain development and read them stories, showing interest in school and lessons compared to the past.

“It is known that a child’s control site is strongly associated with academic achievements, but until now I did not know whether the mother’s control site during pregnancy plays a part. Thanks to this data, we can achieve this association, “said Jean Goldin, lead author of this study.

“The” internal “parents think they can choose alive. This and other findings in our child development research show that parents expect life results to reflect on what they do, such as a healthier diet, better rest, and better control of emotions. Later, such children are more likely to have good academic results, fewer personal and social problems, and a lower risk of becoming obese, “said Stephen Nowicki, co-author of the Emory University study in Atlanta, USA.

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