My favorite perfumes

1.Marc Jacobs Decadence

Marc Jacobs Decadence is an invitation to spoil. It’s a statement through bold style, luxurious craftsmanship and revolutionary design inspired by one of Marc’s flagship gadgets. Decadence raises Marc Jacobs’ rebellious spirit to a new level of luxury. The perfume opens with sensual notes of Italian plum, iris flower and saffron. The heart combines luxurious notes of Bulgarian rose, jasmine jasmine and orris.

2.La Vie Est Belle

The composition of the perfume
The onset of La Vie Est Belle perfume will delight you with succulent essences of black currant and sweet pears. The heart of the composition pulsates in iris tones, along with silky jasmine and charming orange flowers. The base is made up of rare tonka beans, delicious pralines, exotic patchouli and vanilla gourmet.

The Story of the Perfume
La Vie Est Belle is the option to live life according to their own rules, the freedom to choose their own way to happiness and not to comply with any expectation of society. Hides a balanced combination of beauty and strength. Launched in 2012, it is the creation of a trio of French perfumery masters led by Dominique Ropion. The bottle suggests a smile transposed into crystal lines, a refinement of the original version of 1949.

3.Black Opium

The first floral fragrance, with coffee flavor, from Yves Saint Laurent. When the energy of the black coffee electrifies a white flower arm with an affirmative femininity. A vibrant and sensual mix that adds to it.

Bright black, central faded notes, radical lines … Disturbing, fascinating, intriguing texture, the Black Opium bottle is the object of desire: Excellent: very glamourous …

4.Yves Saint Laurent’s-Mon Paris

Between passion and freedom, boldness and femininity, this olfactory composition blends the sensuality of the white musk with a hypnotic Datura flower arrangement and the intensity of an exceptional patchouli.

Inspired by Yves Saint Laurent’s modern style, the black tie at the neck of the bottle underscores elegance with multiple facets.

It is the perfume of lovers who live the intensity of a mad love.

5.Paco RabanneOlympea

Olympea, Modern Cleopatra! She is the woman of all victories, the absolute icon of which no one can resist. Adorned with all the riches, he chooses the hero on the steps of the Olympus … His magnetic gaze and fragrance water envelop us in the mystery of his seduction. Olympea is a divine olfactory adventure, a meeting between the sensuality of a salty vanilla salad, unique and the freshness of floral notes.

6.Giorgio Armani Emporio Diamonds

At first, Giorgio Armani Emporio Diamonds will spell you through the unusual combination of lits and delicious raspberries. After that the polished heart develops, where the tender rose and the freaking fret is hidden. As soon as the tones of flowers disappear, you will be able to feel the extravagant base of sunny amber and sweet vanilla with a little vetiver.

The whole combination forms a crafted jewelery that reveals sensuality and femininity. Giorgio Armani Emporio Diamonds will be the unique jewel of your treasure.

7.Roberto Cavalli Toilet Water

Just Cavalli is provocative and daring and intrigue through the top notes of the Neroli flower, seduce through the middle notes of the Tiara flower and conquer the rosewood notes.

To wear a perfume Roberto Cavalli is a sensual experience, a journey that reveals a new dimension of femininity. Authentic and sophisticated, the woman Roberto Cavalli is aware of her charm.

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