Why is it good to have a bottle of essential LAVENDER oil in the house

The smell of lavender is so enticing that the most discreetly makes us feel a bit better. This beautifully fragmented flower is certainly the most pleasant remedy against stress.

A recent review (2013), published in the Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine Journal, confirmed its uses as an anti-stress agent.

Eliminate headaches

Research across Europe has shown that inhalation of essential lavender oil for 15 minutes can significantly reduce headaches and migraines. This is probably due to the content of coumarin, which dilates the blood vessels.

Stimulates brain functions

Animal studies have shown that the scent of this plant reduces oxidative stress on the brain and improves memory. Oxidative stress is associated with many chronic diseases. Lavender has strong antioxidant properties.

Helps us sleep better

It has been scientifically proven that lavender improves the quality of sleep by slowing down the activity of the nervous system. Inhalation of lavender flavor significantly reduces sleep breaks.

Cure many skin conditions

Due to its antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties, lavender can help treat a wide range of external conditions, from scratches, jellies, insect bites, acne and eczema to wounds, cuts, burns and fungal infections .

Relieves Respiratory Problems

Lavender is often used in the form of an inhalation to reduce nasal and pectoral congestion and the removal of phlegm in case of a flu or cold.

Calming various types of pain

Lavender essential oil massage can relieve muscle and joint pain, back pain, menstrual cramps and twitching.

Solves Hair Problems

A study has shown that masking the head skin with essential lavender oil daily for 7 months has stimulated hair growth again. Lavender treats both thin hair that falls as well as dandruff due to its antifungal properties. In the latter case, massage the scalp with a handful of essential lavender oil before shampooing. Allow to act for at least 5 minutes, then apply the shampoo.

Uses Essential oils

Should not be ingested unless specifically designed for internal use. They are used externally in the form of massage, inhalation, aromatherapy, bathing. They can apply to pulse points as a perfume. Or put a few drops of oil on a debarked disk on a napkin or pillow to make it easier to inhale the aroma. It should never be applied directly to the skin, undiluted. Dilute properly with a vegetable oil (eg coconut, rape, sunflower). To 30 ml of vegetable oil (or other base), 20-30 drops of essential oil can be used. Note this rule for all preparations where essential oils are used.

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