Wake up! Make your coffee, put your favorite music and be a happy man!You do not need complicated things for a sincere happiness

Life is not complicated. We complicate it with too many desperate desires and empty thoughts that do nothing good. We believe in stereotypes and many times we want to be like someone else, not ourselves. We are not happy with what we have. Always upset, always crunchy and proud. We envision and wish the wicked ones to do better, without making the effort, without struggling for a promising future.

We ask too many questions, we do not materialize our dreams and let us be driven by the crowd. We criticize the lives of others and forget about ours. We love those who ignore us and ignore those who would do anything for our sake.

We consider happiness to be material.We’re working on the bricks, building houses and getting married. We dress the nudity of the body and leave the soul empty, do not feed it with good books, with uplifting facts, We are people who smile only in the photographs, and the truth is another.

We suffer, we are lonely and unfulfilled. Simply because we have forgotten that we do not know what to do, we do not know how to value simple things.

Wake up. Make your coffee, put your favorite music and be a happy man. You do not need complicated things for a sincere happiness.

Open your eyes, look around you, make the extraordinary place penetrate into your heart. Enjoy yourself, what you did, what you got. Sincere happiness does not hide behind complicated things; it is in the things that give you pleasure, which make you to be, that helps you to feel fulfilled in your skin.

It costs the moment and the moment. Be your master and your feelings, do not let strangers dictate your life. Happiness is in small things.

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